Thresholds and alerts for CORE posts which hit a certain number of X metric

Could we set up alerts also for our competitors in the CORE dataset too? We would like to set alerts that notify us anytime a competitor grows significantly in followers, engagements and so forth. Could you please advise on what would be good thresholds to use to measure these changes? Also, we would like to set a general alert that signals to us each piece of content that gets more than 50K views/engagements (again, could you please advise on what would be an optimal threshold?). What would be critical for us is that these alerts would contain the actual image or video that got the high number of engagements, is there a way to include the actual piece of content in the alert instead of seeing only the caption? It would allow us to share with our brands and give them content inspiration.

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  • May 5 2022
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