Additional Boolean operator function: Wilcard* Operators and Proximity Searches

It would be great to expand the current Boolean operators to include the Wildcard - i.e. the search Cat* would bring in Cat, Cats, Category, Catering, etc. 

Also, if the proximity function could work with bracketed AND searches, e.g. (TV OR television) AND (show OR episode OR channel)~4  

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  • Feb 15 2019
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    20 Jun, 2022 02:08pm

    The Wildcard* Operator is one of the biggest issues I have. Espeically working in other languages where words are declined based on their function in the sentence. This eats a lot of characters by forcing us to type the exact spelling of all versions of a word.

  • Guest commented
    20 May, 2021 12:04pm

    This would be v. useful due to character limit!

  • Guest commented
    9 Dec, 2020 11:01am

    I think the near operator applied to brackets would be invaluable. Doing them individually currently eats into the character limit too much

  • Guest commented
    28 Oct, 2019 09:41pm

    Idea suggested again, adding comment for roadmap