Reviews need to include numeric/star rating

The numeric or star rating someone awards on a consumer review is one of the most important pieces of information in that review -- yet currently we do not collect or display this data in Pulsar.

I recognise there may be challenges in how this information is served to us via Socialgist (it might be as plain text or part of the message body, and not as a clear "ratings" field?) but we should work with them to improve their data collection if that's the case.

In Pulsar, we should display:

  • Rating of that review
  • Average rating across time period / for that search
  • Ability to sort reviews by high-to-low ratings
  • Filter for only low-rating reviews, or high rating ones

Potentially we might connect ratings to sentiment -- a 1* or 2* review is obviously strongly negative, and it's a clearer signal than text analytics.

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  • Mar 1 2019
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