Download Dashboard Chart Syntax

As copying charts across domains is not currently possible, could we add an option to dashboard chart exports to download an excel file with syntax behind chart?

Alternatively, having the availability to save charts (e.g. linked to personal TRAC account or team TRAC account) and import from this library across domains would be beneficial to search set up for all Pulsar teams, and potentially clients.

  • Yordanka Dimova
  • Nov 16 2021
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  • Yordanka Dimova commented
    4 Feb 02:18pm

    Thanks, Linda.

    Yes, I am aware that we can copy across searches, however, that is all in the same domain. Instead, I was wondering if there is a way to be able to copy charts across domains - i.e. either in a similar way we can do this across searches, or by saving to a user's account.

    For example, currently we can copy charts across Dashboards and Searches within a healthcare client's domain, but we cannot carry those over to other healthcare clients' links. Specifically for healthcare, this would save a good amount of time in chart/dashboard building as we often have fairly complex/rich data points and conversations we want to look into that are also repeated among different clients.

    If we are able to attach charts somehow to accounts (e.g. super user accounts), we also won't need to unarchive searches and then copy-paste syntax one by one if we're working in a new domain.

    I realize this is definitely more of a feature that would be useful for Research Team/client with multiple teams with different domains rather than the average Pulsar user, but since we now have a much bigger Access Intelligence Research Function, I thought it may be useful.


  • Admin
    Linda Maruta commented
    4 Feb 02:01pm

    Thanks Yordanka,

    You can currently copy custom charts across searches, but let me know if I misunderstand the request.