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Can we have a log of user activity aside from who created a TRAC search? If someone edited it, add profile in CORE, override sentiment or location, among others, a record of any update made in the setup to help admins to track and monitor its users

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  • Sep 11 2022
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    20 Sep, 2022 01:28am

    Hi Linda, thanks for the reply. Though I've seen who edited the search in the Revisions section, I can't find the bulk actions you mentioned. I hope you can tell me where to look because we need that log for our monitoring, especially for First Party Data wherein we need to update sentiment and location and check who among our team made the update. Another thing, with it being on the dashboard, can we also include them as another column in the raw file once exported? Your thoughts, please. Thank you.

    PS: if you can, please add who added a profile in CORE, same with who archived a search.

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    Linda Maruta commented
    13 Sep, 2022 09:16am

    Hey Joan thanks for the submission. There is a Revisions section in the search settings menu on TRAC that captures some of the actions you mentioned. Have you had a chance to look at this? We also log bulk actions such as analysing sentiment or emotion, tagging content, deleting content, etc. and this can be accessed in the search settings on TRAC as well. What would be useful is if you can send us a full list of the actions you want captured and we can confirm if we are logging these, or not. If not, we can plan to add them to the search settings sections that I've mentioned above.