Automated Tagging for Saved Filters

Often, when we monitor specific campaigns, products, brands, categories or topics, we use tags to include posts that cannot be easily grouped under keyword filters, to get around the 50 operator limit, group posts from various types of filtering (e.g. bio + keywords), etc.

However, this presents a challenge for continuous or real-time monitoring of these conversations as we need to manually apply tags before reporting/monitoring. We usually use Saved Filters to alleviate some of the workload surrounding this, especially in monthly/quarterly reporting.

This works okay for accounts where we conduct and deliver the reporting, where clients have little access to the platform. However, as our consultancy role increases and we train clients to use the dashboards and filters we create for them, this presents more of a problem for continuous reporting and data accuracy - e.g. we apply a tag on top of a dashboard to include more than 50 operators, but to allow the client to monitor continuously, we have to either train them on applying the tags themselves (not always feasible with large teams/senior stakeholders), apply the tags for them consistently (pressure on already limited resourcing) or fit the multiple keyword filters used into a shorter syntax string (excludes some of the relevant conversation).

The potential automation of tagging based on Saved Filters would be a huge time saver and a solution to the client-facing problem above if it is possible.

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  • Nov 7 2022
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