Set mention limits on specific searches and allow automated notifications

Problem statement:

I work at an agency where we have multiple customer searches and customers competitors. As Pulsar has with us, we have set up monthly mention caps for these customers. Currently, we have to manually monitor how many mentions the searches have gone through in a month and check if they are near their specific allowance (which is not consistant across customers). It would be easy for a customer to go over their monthly mention allowance, without us knowing.


Ability to set a specific monthly mention cap for a specific search.

To be able to set automated alerts when the search reaches, x% of monthly cap.

To be able to set whether the search will automatically continue or pause once the monthly cap is reached.

***More advanced request - be able to group searches and put a cap on the mentions of the entire group.


It will allow to be more proactive with reporting to customers when they are reaching their monthly mention allowance.

It will allow us to be more confident that we ourselves won't go over our Puslar mention allowance.

We will be able to offer customers the ability to stop a search at their monthly cap rather than pay for overages.

**** For the group limit - as a company will have x mentions available for their competitors, be able to group the competitors and stop all at once when they reach a total combined search total, rather than individually - ensure that they don't get a skewed representation of the market if only their largest competitor suddenly stops.

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  • Jul 21 2022