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Currently we are limited to one query within a search. This means we are limited to a 2048 character limit and creates difficulty when building more complex searches. I would suggest having the ability to create multiple queries within one search. From a technical standpoint, this would essentially mean we are running numerous searches (all within the 2048 limit), however all results would appear within the one search.

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  • Jun 22 2021
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    17 Aug, 2021 10:44am

    Forbes recently ranked the Biggest Sportswear Brand in the world, in which American Sports Shoe brand Nike tops the list. With a market cap of $39.1 Billion, Nike holds almost 42% of the entire sports market in the USA. But, this is the only sports brand in the world; there are many in the queue, striving to beat Nike anytime soon.

    In this post, we will tell you about the ten Biggest Sportswear Brands in the world. We ranked the Biggest Sportswear Brand based on several factors, including revenue. If you are looking forward to building like one of these Biggest Sportswear Brands, here are the fast money-making business ideas you should opt for right now.

    • Nike: $36.8 Billion

    • Adidas: $29.94 Billion

    • Puma: $15.5 Billion

    • Under Armour: $8.71 Billion

    • Fila: $7.15 Billion

    • New Balance: $7.2 Billion

    • Reebok: $3.9 Billion

    • Columbia: $2.8 Billion

    • Asics: $2.6 Billion

    • Champion: $40 Million