Expand Thresholds on Followership Filter

Currently, the lowest threshold a user can set against the Followers filter is 5,000 and the highest is 100,000. By setting the minimum threshold to something lower (i.e. 10, 50, 100), users are able to quickly filter out bot conversation that may be detracting their analysis. This will also be a massive help in cleaning up Audience segmentation, as users can remove Twitter accounts that have little to no followers with the assumption that they’re detractors.

On the flip side, there should be no maximum threshold for followership. I suggest that the upper range is set to 1M+ followers, which will allow users to filter specifically for celebrities or influential brands. We may also want to consider some thresholds leading up to 1M – clients may be interested in setting up alerts that will trigger when an influential author with 500K+ followers is mentioning their brand.

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  • Dec 13 2021
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    Linda Maruta commented
    1 Feb 07:02pm

    Hey Jean, let's see if we can tackle this as part of the redesign on TRAC