Dashboard improvements for the PR & Comms view mode

Some dashboard charts will only source tradional media for users on the PR & Comms view mode.

Some charts include:

  • Top Contributors

  • Top Content

  • Top Sites & Outlets

  • Influential Voices

This is an issue because often the client will want to see all data sources included, or the chart will not show no data and they don't know why.

Two clients (who are in PR) have recently pointed out this issue:

  • NSW Gov

  • College of Law

The behavior is confusing for these reasons:

  • There is no way for the user to know that the only data source traditional media and

  • no way for them to choose what data sources they would like to show.

  • This happens for searches that have no traditional media anyways.

  • It's not consistent among dashboard charts (e.g. content over time, keyword wordcloud, etc will source data from all data sources).

My suggestion is to have the same behavior as the General Listening view mode.

Or, have the same option as the insights screen (i.e. you can choose what media types the chart shows). This will make the dashboard consistent with the insights screens. See screenshots attached showing the difference between the dashboard and insights screens when using PR & Comms modes.

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  • Apr 2 2024
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  • Admin
    Linda Maruta commented
    9 Apr 10:30am

    Thanks Sam, I have added this request to the backlog for consideration.