Daily Digests - Rank results by time posted & better transparency on media types


Some users choose to rank by credibility to avoid any time delay (for data processing on impressions, visibility or engagements) on their daily alert. They have this requirement for social media which of course we don't score for credibility. Can we have an option to rank by 'time posted' so users can see related media without having to wait 6-12 hours for the ranking.


Right now if you create a daily digest; it's not clear what media is or, is not included when ranking results by credibility.


Digest A - ranking results by Impressions - Will include all media. + a Message banner upon selection to notify users of time delay in processing.

Digest B - ranking results by Credibility- will only include news media and exclude all social sources. There is no message to notify the users that their digest will not send any social media.

Suggesting we add a banner below to let the user know that their digest will only include news media when rank by credibility is selected.

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  • May 3 2024
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