When the sample exceeds the 50 item limit on the email digest, putting a counter to say this is 50/75 items that match your search criteria (as an example)

As the email digest has a limit of 50 items, it would be useful for customers to easily see from the alert if there are in fact more items that match their alert criteria that may require their attention/review in the platform.

Especially when the customer has groupings which may mean the top 10 articles from each group are displayed in the alert, it might be quite easy to reach 50 item limit. I imagine a note that says displaying 10/40 items, which is hyperlinked to that search's feed.

A PR especially would want to know if that was it or actually if there is more coverage in the platform they should be aware of and can click through to see their full results page.

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  • Jun 27 2024
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