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Could we please look at including some sample posts which have caused the alert in the body of the emails? Lots of client use the alerts for out of hours monitoring, and therefore will be on their phones and not necessarily near their laptops when the emails come through so would be great to get a flavour of what's going on!

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  • Jan 18 2021
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    1 Mar, 2021 09:26am

    Hi Linda. Yes that's right, something visual in the alert emails to show them clearly what is happening around the topic they are interested in. A simple trend line was the idea of a client but just something to show the volume over time would be of interest!

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    Linda Maruta commented
    26 Feb, 2021 11:59am

    Hey Claudia, i've added the sample posts request to the backlog for future consideration. As for the bit about having a trend line showing the increase in alerts. You mean for example if user has a volume alert set up we should plot a graph that shows the change in the volume alert over a period of time? And they want this included as part of the email alerts?

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    22 Feb, 2021 11:40am

    To add to this, many clients have also said that having a trend line showing the increase in alerts would be really useful too